Our Core Values


We act with professionalism, bringing the highest levels of excellence, experience and competences to deliver the best results for our clients.


We create a harmonious and trusting work environment by treating everyone – clients, co-workers, partners and suppliers – with respect and courtesy.


Integrity guides everything we do. We act with absolute honesty and reliability on behalf of our clients and follow best practices and regulations in all areas of operation.

Teamwork — Ethics

Our day-to-day business is guided by teamwork and ethics. Effective communication and creativity coupled with our competences ensures the best results for our clients.

Your Benefits

Professionalism & Excellence

With over 35 years of experience in accounting, taxes, banking operations and financial consulting, you can expect the utmost in professionalism and excellence from our team. We are structured in accordance with best business practices and adhere to regulations in all areas we operate within.


Protecting your confidential information is one of our top priorities. Confidentiality is key to building and maintaining trust with our clients.

Network of Qualified Specialists & Business Partners

You will have access to our network of qualified specialists and business partners in Asset Management/ Portfolio Management, Legal, Tax, Information Technology and Brand Communication/ Web Design to help you achieve your business objectives.

Attractive & Competitive Pricing

We offer attractive and competitive pricing calibrated to your specific needs and requirements.

Cost Savings

By working with us, you can simplify and optimise your in-house operations and administration to achieve cost savings.

Time Savings

We learn your business inside and out so we can offer the highest level of financial services as efficiently and smoothly as possible helping you save time and keep focused on running your business.

Convenient & Timely Deliveries

We work with your schedule, to make doing business with us convenient and deliver on time.

Tailor-Made Services

We offer tailor-made services to suit your unique business needs and requirements.

Multicultural & Multilingual

Our team is multicultural and multilingual. We understand and appreciate cultural differences and language nuances helping us to connect and communicate seamlessly with you. Our services are available in German, English or French.

Multicultural& Multilingual Multicultural& Multilingual Tailor-Made Services Tailor-Made Services Convenient &Timely Deliveries Convenient &Timely Deliveries Time Savings Time Savings Cost Savings Cost Savings Attractive &Competitive Pricing Attractive &Competitive Pricing Network ofQualified Specialists & Business Partners Network ofQualified Specialists & Business Partners Confidentiality Confidentiality Professionalism &Excellence Professionalism &Excellence

Where We Operate

In Switzerland and Internationally

All Sectors of Small and Medium Size Enterprises‘
Asset Managers (Regulated and/ or Self-Regulated Organizations)
Trust & Corporate Services Companies
Small and Medium Size Private Banks

Parkring 7
8002 Zürich

P + 41 (0) 44 390 22 88

Mr. Andreas Economides
M + 41 (0) 79 440 58 98

Ms. Patricia Fracassi
M + 41 (0) 76 489 69 64

We look forward hearing from you and responding to your queries.